Craigslist is now charging a posting fee for numerous dealer categories. Depending on the Craigslist category this posting fee can range between $3 to $5. The fee is per post and only applies to dealers who post ads on Craigslist, not for private parties. Dealers who have relied on Craigslist posting to generate revenue need to understand the impact that these new posting fees can have on their business.

Dealers who get charged with a posting fee realize Craigslist has become more complex. And when we say complex, we don’t mean that it simply requires more work, instead we mean that you now must consider things like budget, conversion rates, and listing optimization. In the past, it was simple: post as much as you wanted, as often as you wanted and hope for the best. Now with dealers paying a Craigslist posting fee per post that strategy is no longer an option. Today dealers who are charged a posting fee should view marketing on Craigslist like a Pay-Per-Click campaign on platforms like Google AdWords.

What Dealers Need to Know about Pay to Post on Craigslist

The most important change a dealer should recognize is that posting to Craigslist is now a campaign. Dealers want to be able to answer the question: Did the campaign succeed or fail? This means you have to track results, otherwise you’ll never know your true return on investment. If you’re spending $5 per post and not tracking the conversion, or worse, your Craigslist data is combined with other sources, how will you know if your Craigslist campaigns are performing well? For example, some dealers are posting with their Craigslist ads linked to numerous websites; which is great if all the postings are free, but terrible if you’re paying to post. Therefore, to gauge and optimize your Craigslist campaigns you must be able to segment and evaluate the results of specific campaigns.

Another consideration dealers posting to Craigslist should keep in mind is the relevance of the post in Craigslist search results. Craigslist no longer simply places the newest listing at the top and older listing 10 pages back. Then, it was more important to post often to stay on the first page under “newest” listings. Now dealers who optimize their listings can have their ads at the top of Craigslist regardless of when the listing was posted. This is a key benefit for dealers because one well-optimized listing on Craigslist can perform like 10 non-optimized listings. The difference can be spending $5 or $50 depending on the Craigslist posting fee.

Craigslist Dealer Posting Success

Craigslist is still one of the best platforms for businesses looking to grow sales and finding local buyers ready to purchase. The new posting fees make Craigslist more complex and dealers should manage their Craigslist marketing differently. The above suggestions are just a few examples of ways to optimize Craigslist results, but there are even more ways such as A/B testing and scheduled deliveries. This article wasn’t meant to cover them all, but rather to help you focus on the new changes on Craigslist. If you’re a dealer and have more questions regarding Craigslist, Dice Services is available for a free consultation to help you better understand the new Craigslist posting fees.