Have you ever wondered why some people can post their inventory to Craigslist and maintain a high turnover, while your ads become stale and simply sit there? It’s because not all inventories are created equal. Now you might be wondering, “if this is true, then I’ll never become successful with my Craigslist posting.” That’s not necessarily the case.

What To Post

While inventories can greatly differ, there are a number of things to keep track of when posting your ads.


For example, the first most important thing to keep in mind is the price of the vehicle. Visitors to Craigslist are not typically looking to purchase a used Rolls-Royce or a brand new Mercedes-Benz. Our team here at Dice have a lot of analytic data that we’ve collected over the years and the figures show that vehicles most likely to sell are those under the $25,000 mark. While new cars do sell on Craigslist, used cars sell faster and more consistently.


The second thing to keep in mind are the years of the vehicles you intend to post out of your inventory. At the time of this writing (March 2016), the best vehicles to post are 2014 and older.


Finally, we come to mileage. The mileage of the vehicle you intent to post is crucial. While having less miles in your vehicle is a good thing, having less miles on vehicles in your ads aren’t–well, not always. The threshold you’re looking for in your ads is roughly 15,000 miles or greater. Too low a mileage can actually deter someone from taking more interest in a vehicle.

How To Post

There are many suggested methods for posting your inventory, but if you’re just starting out, you might not know where to begin. What we suggest is posting on a bi-weekly cycle. This allows your ads to have a good balance between having time to be viewed and fresh enough that they don’t become stale.

So now that we know that the price, year and mileage are the primary factors in what type of inventory to post, we can use that knowledge to provide just the right inventory for our ads. So what are you waiting for? Start posting your inventory now!