If wanting to sell something on Craigslist, most people would simply go to the website and post their ad. While this certainly can work, it’s not the most effective way to post something to Craigslist. In fact, there are a number of elements to consider before posting an ad, and knowing when to post is one of the most important.

Knowing When to Post Matters

Many sellers waste both time and money when trying to figure out the best times to post their ads to Craigslist, and while each market is different, there are general times that tend to be better than others. We want to take a moment and share how you can get the most leads for your hard earned cash.

Dice Services have spent the past five years collecting every phone call, email or click that has gone through our system. With this data we have established which days of the week and hours when most people do their searching on Craigslist.

Top Three Search Days and Hours

best times to post on craigslist

From this data we can conclude that all the research and browsing is typically done at the beginning of the week, and the times coincide with when most people either get their lunch breaks or before they go to work–for those who don’t work a typical 9-5 type of job.

Knowing this, a few things can be determined. One is that ads need to be posted before people start their lunch breaks, and second, is that ads are more effective earlier in the week.

The Weekend Myth

A large number of sellers fall for the myth that it’s a good idea to post on the weekends. This is simply not true. For automotive dealers, customers already have a car in mind and use the weekend to visit and test-drive vehicle. Not to start their search. This means that ads need to be there waiting to be viewed earlier in the week–Sunday evenings is the only exception, as customers tend to get back to their research shortly after a failed sale.

While these days and times are a great starting point, there are a number of other metrics that should be taken into account.

Knowing Your Market

Whether you’re located in a small rural community or a large metropolitan area, like here in Portland, knowing your market is vital to your success. Let’s look at both larger and smaller markets.

Larger Markets

In larger markets it is best practice to put all of your momentum in a short and precise burst. For example, posting your ads on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 10-11 a.m. have been reported to be most successful.

Smaller Markets

On the other hand, smaller markets succeed when posting is spread out. It might be better to post Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m, posting each post in 30-60 minute intervals. Spreading your ads out can provide first-page exposure at nearly all times, while still being relevant. Being in a smaller market can be very beneficial, which means less competition and a lot of exposure.

An Intelligent Solution

Roughly knowing when the best times to post is a key starting place. However, we’ve come up with a much better solution. Using the metrics mentioned above, and a number of internal ones, we have created Intelligent Posting. The work that we’ve put into the creation of Intelligent Posting has spanned the last five years and the results speak for themselves. There is no more posting blindly and hoping your vehicle draws interest. We’ve already collected an invaluable amount of data that allows us to automatically post at the right exact time. What’s more is that Intelligent Posting doesn’t just use existing data, but learns based on your market, inventory, and other unique factors. If a vehicle is posted, but doesn’t draw enough interest, a vehicle will not be posted at that time during your next posting cycle.

Knowing when to post allows ads to be featured and show at the top of search results. With over 60 million visitors per month, Craigslist is a vital market to be able to utilize and utilize well. So stop throwing your money at the wall and hoping it sticks. Start posting your ads effectively and efficiently, using live analytic data.