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Andrey Kechik, Co-Founder of Dice Services

Andrey Kechik
Chief Executive Officer

When not spending time with his family or reading the Bible, Andrey is hard at work. He believes that, "This world is an ever changing place and all of us must adapt. I want to contribute to that change. I love innovating and being part of the future."

Vitaly Kechik, Co-Founder of Dice Services

Vitaly Kechik

Although he always seems to be working on something, Vitaly occasionally gets to go home. When he does, he enjoys getting to make his own video game, going and sitting on the beach, and enjoying good food. He loves his good food!

Drey Kochenkov, Chief Technology Officer of Dice Services

Drey Kochenkov
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, it isn't surprising that Drey enjoys the challenge of developing innovative solutions to existing problems. His other interests are spending time with his family, playing the piano, and traveling.

Daniel Blake, Design Lead + Front End of Dice Services

Daniel Blake
Design Lead + Front End

If he isn't hard at work making the web a more enjoyable place to be, Daniel is enjoying film, listening to music or playing a game of Civilization. Plus, he's always up for a heated game of office ping pong.

Katie Rountree, Designer of Dice Services

Katie Rountree

Katie's interest lies in finding the balance between beauty and functionality. She believes that, "even though a design might be beautiful, it might not be easy to understand." Her interests include movies, health & fitness, and filling her Pinterest boards with good intentions.

Viktor Kachenkov, Software Engineer of Dice Services

Viktor Kachenkov
Software Engineer

Like others in the office, Viktor enjoys learning new things, watching movies, and listening to music. He thrives on the challenges given to him and uses logic to approach every problem.

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